Fella Lewis

The associate manager of Galaxy Toys, explains the meaning of Galaxy Toys’ motto - The Future Starts Here: Each and every item in our store is meant to impress people of all ages. Most of our toys are so out of this world they seem like they come from the future. All of them feature new concepts most customers have never heard of. At Galaxy Toys, we try to select toys and gadgets that combine both a futuristic and wow factor that will capture everyone’s attention.

Visit us in Royal Dane Mall

Stop by to experience the future. We are located in the central alley of Royal Dane Mall in downtown Charlotte Amalie on US Virgin Islands.

The store is open daily from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. (Sundays 12 - 4 pm).


Innovative concept offering hard to find toys and top of the line gadgets

Last year, flying drones were the biggest hit. This season, the drone craze continues to captivate Galaxy Toys shoppers. However, by far the hottest toys of this holiday season are robotic cars and robots with such advanced artificial intelligence most

people have only seen in movies. And of course, for those customers who want to experience the future of gaming, Galaxy Toys offers the newly released SONY PS4 Virtual Reality headset.

Flying Drones

We have the largest selection of small flying drones (quadcopters) in the Caribbean. Although they are high-tech flying machines, our drones are classified as “recreational drones” and do NOT need FAA registration.* We offer drones for all types of customers. Small Syma and HolyStone drones are perfect for beginners or for just flying around the house (recommended for users 8+). Intermediate drones such as the Hubsan X4 and Syma X5C are great for those looking to capture their drone stunts on camera in HD (10+). The Hubsan X4 FPV advanced drone comes with a control screen that features FPV live-feed video so you’ll never miss out on anything your drone is seeing (10+).

Flying a drone brings fun to people of all ages—our customers range in age from elementary school to their late 70’s. Don’t worry about crashing; it’s all part of the learning process. Galaxy Toys has plenty of spare parts and extra batteries for all drones that we sell to make sure that flying a drone is fun.

*All users should still read and comply with the FAA Guidelines for flying recreational drones at www.knowbeforeyoufly.org.


Robotic Supercars

This year’s biggest hit is ANKI Overdrive: robotic supercars that bring a whole new twist to the traditional remote-controlled race car track. To start, you control your cars through your phone (Android and IOS compatible). You can play against your friends or you can battle it out with the robotic supercars—they learn from your mistakes. As the maker puts it: “Whatever track you build, they'll learn it. Wherever you drive, they'll hunt you down. The better you play, the better they become.” The cars run on rechargeable lithium batteries. Galaxy Toys also offers ANKI Overdrive accessories, so you can customize weapons, swap out cars or build super high jumps. Once you start playing this game, you won’t be able to stop.

Robots to Play With

Cozmo, another amazing toy from ANKI, is the friend you’ve always wanted. The more you play with Cozmo, the more he learns and develops. This tiny character will be sure to intrigue and bring a smile to your face. He can play games, navigate through obstacles, recognize faces, and more. Cozmo works with Android and IOS.

Have you always wanted to build your own robot? The Meccannoid 2.0 by Meccano gives everyone the opportunity to build and customize his or her own personal robot. This 2 ft tall robot features 6 motors for realistic movement and voice recognition. The Meccannoid 2.0 is controlled through your smart phone and is quite the entertainer: it tells stories, knows robot trivia and 3000 phrases, and can dance.

Virtual Reality

For our most demanding customers, Galaxy Toys offers the SONY PS4 Virtual Reality headset. The moment you put the VR headset on, you enter into an unforgettable 3D world of gaming. You will need the SONY PS4 console to plug your VR headset into. Galaxy Toys also sells PS4 consoles with a broad selection of popular PS4 games.

Gravity Defying Gadgets

We offer several toys and gadgets that defy gravity: Remote controlled Wall Climbing Cars that climb on walls, doors, or windows with ease. Music Angel Bluetooth Speaker that floats in the air while playing music from your phone, and Levitating Lamp with a floating shade that will light up your bedroom.

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